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Do The Sprinkler....

White Girl Dance!!

13 March
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My name is Adrienne and I am 22. Im a mommy of 2 amazing kids.

I live with ex's family because i'm broke and still trying to find another place. i still dont have a liscence but im working on it! right know i am just going to be an at-home mom but i do still want to go to school and do something that either has to do with animals or kids...

I am randomly strange. Which means i have the oddest and randomest things pop in my head. And of course i always share them!

"I'm fairly strange, though...in a nice sort of way." -Ben Jelen

"Hehe...I'm weirder than anyone on here..." -Ben Jelen

I rather enjoy my life. My favorite type of music (at this moment) is alternative-rock that is somewhat "artsy" as my friend Pat would say. My favorite bands/singers are Incubus, Ben Jelen, Tyler Hilton, Curtis Peoples, Jason Mraz, Keane, and countless others. As you can tell i always have a hard time making up my mind. My favorite color varies on how i feel that day(lately its all about lime green and hot pink). I am just a very chill person...i live in my jammies!

The biggest portion of my life is taken up by my awesome kids, they brighten my day with just a smile or the sound of their voices.
All in all i lead a simple life where i treasure simple pleasures, like watching slinkies go down stairs and seeing the ones i love smile...

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my pet!my pet!

well thats enough bout me! talk to yaz lata.


(o_0) Adrienne (0_o)